Sitting Here and Thinking

A lot of the time when most of us are given the opportunity and free time, we use it for what can probably turn out for the worst. Such as:

-Over thinking the most embarrassing thing (I do this a lot and today I probably let the other night run through my head a million times because I embarrassed myself so much.)

-Procrastinating (Instead of doing my homework, I nap…yes nap…because sleep is precious in college and shouldn’t be taken for granted)

-Doing something illegal (Yes, I do this a lot. Such as on a Friday night, why must an 18 year old feel the need to go get shit faced, when instead they can go to a movie or catch up on a good book. But then again, here I am disagreeing with my own thoughts. Because getting shit faced is a great way to relieve stress from the week. Not necessary, but great.)

-Wondering “why the f*%k am I sitting here when  I can be out with friends”..then realizing, “oh wait…I need friends to go out with friends”

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